15 days of sandwiches: Day 9 – Double chocolate S’mores

Summer is almost over and I cannot believe I have yet to make and/or consume a s’more. I know – what is wrong with me?! Since I am doing this 15 days of sandwiches, I felt it would be appropriate to add some s’mores to the list because c’mon, they really are a sandwich. And who doesn’t love these?

These are so easy! You don’t even need a campfire (unless you are way cooler than me and have campfires in your backyard like normal people who don’t live in Florida do during the summer).


Chocolate wafer cookies
Graham cracker crumbs

Place wafer cookies on a sheet tray and put one marshmallow in the center of each cookie. Broil for a few minutes or until they start to get brown and melty.

Smear some nutella on more wafer cookies. Top the marshmallow cookie with the nutella cookie. Roll the sandwich in some graham cracker crumbs.

Smash these into your face 🙂

Happy summer!


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