More lunch ideas

Here are more ideas for lunches to take to work or school. I hope these help you guys when you’re trying to figure out healthy and filling lunches to make for yourselves.

1. Fruit salad that has peaches, blackberries, raspberries, grapes, and banana sprinkled with one packet of Truvis. (I obviously did not take this enormous portion of fruit to work. I made all of this for the week and take about a 1/2 of a cup of it a day)
2. Non-fat plain Chobani with one packet of Truvia to eat with my fruit
3. A peanut butter and reduced sugar jelly sandwich on 50 calorie whole wheat bread
4. Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie granola bars (amazing!!)
5. 1/2 of a honeycrisp apple
6. Dark chocolate covered cranberries and walnuts for dessert

I don’t have any veggies in this lunch like I normally pack, but for my breakfast I am having some scrambled egg whites with spinach and broccoli which should give me a full serving of greens.


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