What I pack for lunch

Last week, I shared a picture of what I took to work for lunch. I thought that since a lot of you are working and/or in school, that it might be helpful for you to see what I pack on an average day to give you some ideas for your own lunches. I always bring my lunch to work because I know that if I eat what I pack for myself, I will be eating a healthy and filling meal that won’t leave me feeling guilty and sluggish.

This is the lunch I just packed for my long day of work tomorrow. I try and incorporate different flavors, textures, and nutrients in my lunches so that I don’t get bored. I also try and pack lots of foods that will give me energy and keep me full at work. The worst thing to do is to pack a small lunch (or no lunch at all) and then start snacking on all of the unhealthy choices your job offers for food.

1. non-fat plain Chobani yogurt
2. Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries which I will mix into my Chobani
3. Low fat/low sugar granola with one packet of Truvia to mix into my Chobani
4. A leftover 1/2 of a chicken breast with mashed sweet potatoes
5. Grapes and some broccoli slaw that I’ll eat with some balsamic vinegar
6. (not pictured) Kashi Pumpkin Flax granola bar (I eat this as my midmorning snack to tie me over until lunch)

This is the perfect amount of food for me and its something that will keep me full for a while. This lunch may be a little bit big for some of you though. I am eating a little extra during lunch tomorrow because it has to keep me going until 7:30pm. Right after work tomorrow I am heading to bootcamp so I will need lots of energy to keep me going until 7:30pm when I’ll finally be able to eat some dinner.

I also recently bought a BPA free reusable water bottle that I constantly refill throughout the day to keep my hydrated. I am trying to incorporate a lot more water into my diet and the plastic water bottle has been helping!

As of today, I have started a one month challenge for myself to see if I can go without drinking diet soda (or any soda) for the entire month of October. I know that drinking soda is so bad for you and as health conscious as I am, I should know better and not drink it. But, it is my weakness and I am acknowledging that I have a problem with it. I am going to take it day by day and see if I can eventually eliminate it completely from my diet. Thank God I am not doing this with coffee. I think I would die if I couldn’t drink that anymore!

I will keep you all posted on my progress!!


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